Grim times lie ahead for UK as inflation combines with low growth

The UK is in the throes of the kind of labour unrest not seen for decades. This is visible in the railways, London Underground and British Airways. Teachers and other public sector workers may join in. The explanation for this is clear. Unanticipated inflation delivers losses everybody wants to recoup. This triggers social conflict. Yet … Read more

TMSEp199: Economy’s direction, hard times for fintechs, Airtel, Voda stocks

The finance ministry on Monday struck a note of caution about the re-emergence of the twin deficit problem. It was also the first time the government explicitly spoke about the possibility of a fiscal slippage in the current financial year. So have the amber lights started flashing? What is the ground situation … Read more

India’s Russian imports up 3.5 times on oil buys despite Western pressure

On the back of rising crude oil purchases, India’s bill for imports from sanctions-hit Russia jumped 3.5 times in a year in April to $2.3 billion, showed data from the commerce ministry. In April, India’s crude oil imports from Russia were valued at $1.3 billion, 57 per cent of India’s total inbound … Read more

Hedge Fund: This hedge fund manager tells you how to generate alpha in volatile times

Greed and fear often hinder investors’ ability to think rationally. When the market goes haywire, chances of making huge losses become a real possibility as the emotional aspect comes to play. This is where quant strategies score. Quant funds rely on algorithmic or systematically programmed investment strategies. Investments in various strategies are based on multiple … Read more

wealth creation: Top 5 ways in which investors could manage money in times of rising inflation

Inflation is skyrocketing! As per recent data released by the government, India recorded the highest inflation in 8 years. As of April 2022, the CPI inflation rate has gone up to 7.79 per cent. This means prices have never been higher over the last 8 years than they are now. We slowly and steadily saw … Read more

pms fund managers: Amid turbulent times, even star PMS fund managers are losing money in stocks

With multiple global macro headwinds creating a perfect storm for the domestic equity market, almost 85 per cent of PMS funds, used by HNIs to park their surplus funds, failed to beat Nifty in May. Only one recently-launched PMS scheme managed to eke out a return out of over 280 schemes on offer. Green Portfolio’s … Read more