Property features that can propel your real estate investment to the next level

Private and local amenities This first feature can transform a good investment into a great one. Having amenities on and surrounding the real estate investment property can be a substantial factor when it comes to closing the deal or attracting a tenant. As an investor, ask yourself, “Is this somewhere I would want to live?” … Read more

Rise in homeowners planning upgrade property to reduce energy bills: NatWest

Almost two thirds (63%) of UK homeowners plan to upgrade their property over the next 10 years in a bid to reduce energy bills, an increase of 10% from last June, according to new research from NatWest and S&P Global. The research found that younger homeowners in particular have plans to make upgrades, as they … Read more

New state law requires purge of property records’ ‘racial covenants’

Under a new state law, counties must now work to purge their property records of decades-old racist language that once banned people of color from buying homes in neighborhoods across California. Starting July 1, the law also requires real estate agents and services to notify homebuyers if any such bans — called racially restrictive covenants … Read more

Inflation adds to problems of property policyholders

Commercial property insurance buyers should prepare well in advance of renewals and ensure their valuations are accurate to better manage the impact of inflation on the cost of their property insurance programs. While rates have been moderating slowly after several years of substantial hikes, policyholders face premium increases of up to 20% as inflation pushes … Read more

Florida Property Reinsurance Premiums Rise by as Much as 50%: Gallagher Re

New You can now listen to Insurance Journal articles! Property reinsurance rates rose by as much as 50% in Florida at July 1 renewals and by up to 40% in the United States overall, reinsurance broker Gallagher Re said on Friday, as reinsurers grappled with higher inflation and natural catastrophe risk. Some pricing in Florida … Read more

MCD extends last date for filing property tax for availing rebate to Jul 15

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has extended the last date for filing property tax for 2022-2023 for availing rebate of 15 per cent to July 15, officials said on Friday. Previously, the last date was June 30. MCD provides a rebate of 15 per cent in property tax if the amount due … Read more

US property reinsurance renewals show large increases: Gallagher Re

Mid-year reinsurance renewals showed hefty increases in U.S. property business and more modest casualty rate movements, according to a report Friday from Gallagher Re, the reinsurance business of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. U.S. reinsurance renewals nationwide saw rate increases ranging from 5% to 15% for loss-free accounts to up 20% to 40% for catastrophe-exposed, … Read more

Clear Capital closes on multifamily property in Arizona

Clear Capital, LLC, a private equity investment firm specializing in multi-housing real estate, has acquired a 180-unit multifamily property in Phoenix, Arizona to be rebranded “Aspire West Phoenix.” This transaction marks Clear Capital’s second investment in Phoenix, its sixth in Arizona, and its 37th in the United Sates, a statement from the company said. The … Read more