Headwinds to Persist for AMD Stock, but the Stock Is Too Cheap to Ignore, Says Analyst

Is the world moving towards a global recession? That looks like a real possibility and one Wall Street analyst is already convinced that is the case. But along with believing a global recession is around the corner, Northland’s Gus Richard also thinks that, in general, semiconductor companies’ estimates are “too high.” Now the 5-star analyst … Read more

US oil producers ignore Biden’s rallying call to drill

As US motorists pay record prices at the pump, Joe Biden has pleaded with the country’s oil producers to open the taps and stem the surge. On Saturday, average US petrol prices rose above $5 per gallon, according to AAA, a national motorists’ group. It is another marker pointing to the brewing crisis in fuel … Read more

Nvidia Stock Is ‘Too Cheap to Ignore,’ Says Analyst

There’s no escaping the difficult macroeconomic environment as was evident in Nvidia’s (NVDA) latest quarterly report. Over the past few years, the chip giant has habitually delivered beat-and-raise results. But although the company came good this time around on the “beat” element, the “raise” factor was missing. In F1Q23, Nvidia generated revenue of $8.29 billion, … Read more

2 “Strong Buy” Stocks Under $10 That Are Too Cheap to Ignore

The current market conditions – the NASDAQ is down 28% year-to-date, and the S&P 500 is down 17% – offer bargain hunters a target-rich environment. Plenty of sound stocks have seen their prices decline, pulled down by the general market headwinds and the overall stock trend, to levels that have left them too cheap to … Read more

Market Investors: Investors should not ignore gold, fixed income play

Mumbai: Fund managers believe high inflation and rising interest rates will reduce corporate profitability, which in turn could lead to lower earnings growth and a range-bound equity market. Hence, it is essential not to ignore gold and fixed income and not go overboard on equities after the sharp run-up in stocks over the past two … Read more

JPM’s Investment Strategy Chair says “ignore all the hype” in the energy transition

Kardd/iStock via Getty Images “The IEA projects that the world may still be 66% reliant on fossil fuels in 2050. What gives?” JPMorgan’s Chair of Market and Investment Strategy takes a deep dive into the actual trends underlying the energy transition. The paper acknowledges the ongoing transition, while flagging headwinds to rapid adoption. Chair Michael … Read more

2 “Strong Buy” Stocks That Are Too Cheap to Ignore

Approaching mid-year, we can see a clear shape developing for the markets in 2022, one based on increased volatility. The economy as a whole is facing challenges, in the form of inflation, a Fed policy shift, and continuing ripple effects from Russia’s Ukraine war and lingering COVID outbreaks, and investors are looking for pathways through … Read more