Climate Change Driving Extreme Heat and Flooding in 2022: Report

Extreme weather events – from scorching heatwaves to unusually heavy downpours – have caused widespread upheaval across the globe this year, with thousands of people killed and millions more displaced. In the last three months, monsoon rains unleashed disastrous flooding in Bangladesh, and brutal heatwaves seared parts of South Asia and Europe. Meanwhile, prolonged drought … Read more

India feels the heat as investors face brutal emerging markets selloff

Investors reeling from the brutal emerging markets selloff over the past six months again fled the rupee as India’s currency hit new lows, prompting the government to curb gold imports and oil exports to arrest a widening deficit. The government raised import taxes on gold, while increasing levies … Read more

Rain lashes several parts of Delhi, brings respite from scorching heat

Rain lashed parts of Delhi on Thursday morning, bringing the temperature down to 30 degrees Celsius. The rainfall brought respite from the scorching heat as the temperature dropped to 29.2 Celsius. India Meteorological Department’s forecast for Thursday is that weather conditions are favourable for further advance of monsoon … Read more

US Farmers Battle Floods, Heat in Bid to Replenish Food Supplies

New You can now listen to Insurance Journal articles! Global grain markets are at a pivot point, with prices finally starting to ease after a dizzying surge earlier this year. Where things go from here could end up being determined by farmers like Justin Sherlock and the extreme weather that’s hitting parts of the US … Read more

India faces heat at WTO over wheat export ban

India’s wheat export ban and usage of the peace clause to protect its food programmes against action from trade disputes have come under fire at the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The US, Japan, Canada and Thailand have questioned both these measures and, along with Uruguay, requested consultations with India on the usage of the peace … Read more

Europe Wildfire Risk Heightened by Early Heat Waves, Drought

MADRID (AP) — Extended drought conditions in several Mediterranean countries, a heat wave last week that reached northern Germany and high fuel costs for aircraft needed to fight wildfires have heightened concerns across Europe this summer. And it’s only June. “Much of the continent is in drought,” said Cathelijne Stoof, an environmental science professor at … Read more

Oregon Business Groups Sue Over Heat and Smoke Worker Protections

Some Oregon business groups are suing over the state’s new job site rules mandating that employers take steps to protect workers from extreme heat and wildfire smoke. Regulations adopted by the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division mandate that employers act once the temperature or air quality reaches a certain threshold. The heat rules took … Read more

Spain, Germany Battle Wildfires Amid Unusual Heat Wave

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Firefighters in Spain and Germany struggled to contain wildfires on Sunday amid an unusual heat wave in Western Europe for this time of year. The worst damage in Spain has been in the northwest province of Zamora where over 25,000 hectares (61,000 acres) have been consumed, regional authorities said, while German … Read more

Alex Mashinsky, Celsius founder feeling the heat

Alex Mashinsky, the founder of crypto lender Celsius, has built a cult following by tapping public mistrust in mainstream financial institutions. Launched five years ago, Celsius, which offers clients high interest rates on crypto deposits, has drawn in 1.7mn customers under the slogan “#unbank yourself”. Now the company itself faces a crisis of trust after … Read more

Delhi records high of 43.8 degrees, no respite from heat till June 15

The maximum temperature in the national capital on Saturday settled at 43.8 degrees Celsius, four notches above normal, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said. The minimum temperature settled at 29.7 degrees Celsius, two notches above normal, it said. According to the IMD, partly cloudy skies with thunder, lightning … Read more