stock market crisis: Will the emerging market crisis eventually touch Dalal Street?

The crisis is deepening in emerging markets, and the crack is widening far beyond obvious names like Pakistan and Nepal. When a celebrated economy in the not-too-distant past is at the door-steps of the IMF, one can understand the extent of the crisis in the emerging markets. Once extolled as a miracle economy, Bangladesh could … Read more

Dalal Street: Dalal Street Week Ahead: Market to stay highly stock specific

In the previous technical commentary and forecast, it was anticipated that this week may see some ranged consolidation. It was also expected that such consolidation may have ranged moves and some profit-taking bouts from the higher levels. However, the downsides were expected to stay limited. While dancing exactly to these tunes, the markets spent the … Read more

US enters 'technical recession'. But why is Dalal Street rallying?

The US economy entering a ‘technical recession’ is not good news for India and the world. But analysts said one should not see too much into the GDP print, as other data points in the world’s largest consumer economy still suggest resilience. If anything, the GDP print could persuade the Fed to go slow on … Read more

Dalal Street Week Ahead: Market to stay highly stock-specific

The markets had a strong week much on the expected lines. In the previous weekly note, it was categorically mentioned that the markets may resume their up move after a brief period of consolidation. Over the past five sessions, the markets continued to inch higher as they got stronger in the process. And with the … Read more

nifty: Dalal Street Week Ahead: Nifty likely to resume up move; 16,000 level key

The past five sessions remained much on the expected lines as the headline index saw some corrective moves, took support at important levels, and ended with a minor cut. The trading range also narrowed a bit as compared to 614 points in the week before this one. Nifty moved in a 390-point range. While successfully … Read more

nifty: Dalal Street Week Ahead: 16000 likely to act as strong support for the market

After taking a breather in the week before this one, the equity markets resumed their up move. The headline index continued with its pullback and moved past a few important levels while protecting the key supports. Over the past five sessions, the market remained largely in the upward rising trajectory barring a consolidation for a … Read more

nifty news: Nifty50 at 13,800 or 18,400? Here is what Dalal Street analysts said

A few brokerages have come out with Nifty50 targets, ranging widely between 13,800 and 18,400. While analysts noted that commodity prices have started falling gradually, they do not rule out correction in valuation multiples going ahead. Nifty50’s trailing 12-month PE ratio has declined 25 per cent since October 2021 to 19.5 times and is much … Read more

Dalal Street Week Ahead: Market will continue to stay highly stock-specific in nature

Dalal Street Week Ahead: Market will continue to stay highly stock-specific in nature The equity markets had an overall positive week, but the broad sentiment remained quite tentative as the Nifty oscillated both ways during the five trading sessions before ending on a positive note. The index saw itself breaking out of the 16400-15700 trading … Read more