Propy introduces blockchain title and escrow service

Propy Title & EscrowHand-out/Propy Propy, an online real estate company, has started offering title and escrow services on the blockchain for residential real estate transactions in Arizona, Colorado and Florida. This builds on two trends in the real estate and mortgage industries: the growing use of electronic closings and remote online notarization in home sales … Read more

How Blockchain Technology is Reducing the Digital Divide By CoinQuora

How Blockchain Technology is Reducing the Digital Divide Blockchain Technology is useful to close the digital divide. Information and internet access are open source, accountable, and transparent in the blockchain. World Mobile is an instance of a platform that aims to solve the digital divide. The digital divide is a sociological term for unequal access … Read more

Blockchain Foundry and The Palmer Group Launch Metacademy, a Web3 Educational Platform Covering Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and More

This section is Partnership Content supplied The content in this section is supplied by GlobeNewswire for the purposes of distributing press releases on behalf of its clients. Postmedia has not reviewed the content. by GlobeNewswire Breadcrumb Trail Links GlobeNewswire Author of the article: Article content TORONTO, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockchain Foundry Inc. … Read more

Banks turn to blockchain in search for high-quality trading assets

BNP Paribas has joined JPMorgan in using digital tokens for short-term trading in fixed income markets as some of the world’s biggest investment banks step up efforts to modernise the $12tn market with blockchain technology. The French bank has joined a blockchain-powered network run by its US rival, which has already attracted more than $300bn … Read more

Blockchain and digitization to take center stage at Davos By Cointelegraph

WEF 2022: Blockchain and digitization to take center stage at Davos The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is scheduled to take place from May 22–26, marking the first in-person WEF global leadership event since the pandemic began. The annual meeting was first scheduled for January but was later turned into a virtual … Read more

Blockchain, crypto set to take sports industry beyond NFT collectibles By Cointelegraph

Blockchain, crypto set to take sports industry beyond NFT collectibles (BTC) has been attributed as the most prominent blockchain use case, showing the technology’s prowess in successfully delivering an immutable and truly decentralized ledger over the past 13 years. Adding to the years of innovations since then— that saw the introduction of altcoins, non-fungible tokens … Read more

Mortgage leaders break down the benefits of blockchain

With cryptocurrencies currently under scrutiny after TerraUSD’s nosedive in value last week, cheerleaders of blockchain technology in the mortgage industry want to make it clear to any Luddites remaining that the two are very different things. Unlike crypto, which is a form of digital payment, blockchain is essentially a ledger and is separate from cryptocurrencies, … Read more

What happens when a blockchain like Terra dies

Breadcrumb Trail Links FP Finance Cryptocurrency ‘The only direction from here is down — absent a miracle’ Author of the article: Bloomberg News Olga Kharif The value of Terra’s main cryptocurrency, Luna, and the related TerraUSD stablecoin collapsed following a wave of selling pressure. Photo by Terraform Labs Article content The crypto world has been … Read more

DeFi transforming lending routes on the blockchain By Cointelegraph

DeFi transforming lending routes on the blockchain The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) is gradually expanding to encompass a significant share of the global financial lending space by virtue of the inherently trustless manner of operation and the ease of accessing capital. As the crypto ecosystem has grown to a $2-trillion industry by market capitalization, … Read more