rajnath singh: Inflation is affecting many countries, you need not feel guilty: Rajnath Singh to BJP workers

Stating that inflation has affected even rich countries like the United States, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said BJP workers should not have any “guilty conscious” about it. He was speaking before a gathering of party workers in Pune. “There is debate going on about the rising inflation….During COVID-19 pandemic, the entire economy was … Read more

How are power outages affecting small industries in India?

India’s small and medium businesses had only begun to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic followed by the geopolitical crisis, but the early onset of summer and recurring heat waves across north India paralysed them again. Demand for electricity shot up beyond expectations, leading to a nationwide power crisis. With … Read more

Pandemic, Ukraine conflict affecting mental health of millions, warns WHO

A senior official of the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have affected the mental health of millions of people. “A pandemic has thrown an unprecedented spotlight on mental health. An armed conflict is profoundly affecting the mental health of millions … Read more

CMHC finds supply ‘the biggest issue affecting housing affordability’

Breadcrumb Trail Links Real Estate News FP Economy New housing starts have struggled to keep up with population growth in some of Canada’s large cities Home construction in Canada’s big cities isn’t keeping up with demand, says the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Photo by Tyler Anderson/National Post files Article content New housing starts have … Read more